Spreadin' smiles one dance at a time...

Balboa with Borislav and Emiliya

A (long) weekend of Balboa: seminars, classes and partying!

Σαβ 15 Ιούν   - 17 Ιούν 2024 Stomping Ground - Σφηττιων 10, Αθήνα Contact athensbalboa@gmail.com for more info

This June we are more than happy to welcome Borislav and Emiliya, for a - long - weekend of Balboa: seminars, classes and partying!

Our guests are well-rounded dancers, with a lindy hop and authentic jazz background, but they share this extra bit of affection for Balboa .Together, they have grown and established the Balboa scene in Sofia, Bulgaria

Who they are:

Borislav is friendly, attentive and always there to answer your questions and guide you.

Emiliya loves the experimental and conceptual aspects of teaching and carries that in her classes and dancing.

Among the awards they have won are:


  • '23 Bal-love Weekend Advanced Mix&Match 1st place
  • '23 Valencia Balboa Weekend Mix & Match 1st place
  • '23 Snowball Advanced Mix & Match 2nd place
  • '23 Hanibal Fastfeet 2nd place
  • '23 Roma Balboa Mix & Match Amateur 2nd place


  • '23 Roma Balboa Mix & Match Amateur 2nd place
  • '22 European Balboa Festival Open Strictly 3rd place

Seminars & Classes

Seminars during the weekend

  • Improver level- 3 hours
  • Beginner level- 1,5 hour 


Borislav & Emiliya will be teaching our regular Monday classes for both levels on the 17/6, the last classes of the season


Stomping Bal-Swing
at Stomping Ground on 15/6 

 Outdoor closing season social on 17/6

More info & registrations

Contact athensbalboa@gmail.com
for info & registrations

Organised by Athens Balboa X Stomping Ground

Stomping Ground | Σχολή Χορού για μαθήματα Swing & Blues χορού στην Αθήνα | Σφηττίων 10, Αθήνα (κάτω Πετράλωνα)